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The society's professionally produced and beautifully illustrated quarterly journal featuring the finest work of historians and other experts on all aspects of Rio Grande Railroad. 

Current Issue
Volume 16, Number 3, 2017

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Back issues of the The Prospector are available for purchase online in the company store via PayPal. Currently Volume 1 (2002) through Volume 15 (2016) are available.  We are expanding the available back issues to included 2017 (Volumes 16) later this summer.

Back Issues

2018calendar 2018 Rio Grande Color Calendar by McMillan Publications

The 2018 Rio Grande Calendar features 13 large views of D&RGW standard gauge trains; one scene to a month: January 2018 through January 2019. The calendar opens to an eye-catching 14 x 19-1/2 inches. The calendar grid features number blocks suitable for note taking.

$3.00 S&H



  $2.00 S&H

Post WWII: Standard Gauge Freight Car Data Disk
Freight Articles from Prospectors
  •  D&RGW GS Gondolas
  • 50150 – 50499 Series 40-Foot PS-1 Boxcars
  •  Pioneer Piggyback Operations
  • Bethlehem Quad Hopper
  • Post WWII Improvement Programs
  • Autoracks
  • The Railblazer
  • Kitbashing 67400-Series Boxcar
Freight Cars Purchased
  • Car Cards and Builder Photos
  • Cars Purchased By Year – List
Freight Car and Caboose Folio Images
  •  F-1 through F-190
Auto Boxcar Loading Procedures
1983 Rio Grande System Coal Mine Map
Surviving D&RGW Cars 2000

Rio Grande Source Data on CD-ROM

In keeping with the stated goal of preserving original Rio Grande documents, the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society is proud to offer Rio Grande Source Data CD Volumes. These CDs contains materials collected and contributed by many individuals who share the Society’s belief that such materials must be preserved and made available.
Title Cost  
Source Data Volume 1 - Members' Price
Source Data Volume 1 - Non-Members' Price
Source Data Volume 2 - Members' Price

Source Data Volume 2 - Non-Members' Price
Source Data Volume 3 - Members' Price
Source Data Volume 3 - Non-Members' Price

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D&RGW Engineering Maps

Drawn mostly from the collections of RGM&HS members, we now have available 62 maps representing 34 individual locations. Most are large scale, 1 inch = 100 feet originals issued by the D&RGW's Office of the Chief Engineer. They cover the location's station grounds encompassing, approximately, the yard limits. Details include tracks, structures, storage and service facilities, steam, water and oil pipes, etc., present at the time the original map was prepared.

The maps will be printed at full or one-half size on architectural grade paper with a wide-bed laser printer. Physical sizes range from 2 feet x 1 foot to 16 feet x 3 feet. Considering the size of some of the largest maps, half-size reproductions are available. (Keep in mind the details on the map will be proportionally smaller and may be difficult to read.

At the present time, maps can only be ordered off-line.

Sample Alamosa Map (PDF)

Map Order Form (PDF) 

Questions regarding the maps should be directed to


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