Thursday - May 31, 2018 11:18 am     Article Hits:451
2018 RGM&HS Convention Page - With May's site update we finally added all the details for the upcoming 2018 RGM&HS convention planned for August 9-10th in Kansas City, Missouri. Visitors to the Convention page will see all the details to this point on the convention. Registration for the convention is now open. READ MORE
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In the May 2018 RGM&HS Green Light's Modeling Showcase we feature Tom Holley's modeling of SB-6 Wreck Dozer and its supporting flatcar which is part of the Grand Junction 028 Derrick Wreck Train. Tom details in his article how he built this unique DRGW model in HO Scale for his own layout starting with the building the flatcar, loading ramp and how he customized the OMI Wreck dozer model to match the prototype. Tom has custom built each piece of the 028 Derrick wreck train and future installments of how he modeled each piece are slated for future Green Light issues. READ MORE
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Current RGM&HS society members started receiving the May 2018 Green Light via e-mail starting Thursday morning. The May edition of the newsletter including society news, including an update on the 2018 RGM&HS Convention, "Rio Grande" modeling news, photos and member's showcase.

We welcome comments and feedback from the members who have received the Green Light. If you not a current member of the society and following us here please visit and join today. READ MORE
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RGM&HS received an the invitation from our sister UP society to share in an excursion on July 22, 2018, From Denver's Union Station to Cheyenne, Wyoming on UP's heritage passenger fleet pulled by Union Pacific’s "Living Legend," the No. 844. This is a rare opportunity to travel on Union Pacific tracks and relive the heyday of steam powered passenger service.

In recognition of your continued support of the museum, we are offering you VIP, presale access. This exclusive link to the ticket website is live on May 23, 2018. Open to the general public on May 26, 2018. READ MORE