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2019 RGM&HS Convention Page - We finally added all the details for the upcoming 2019 RGM&HS convention planned for July 11th-13th in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Visitors to the Convention page will see all the details to this point on the convention.  Registration for the convention is now closed!

The convention page details the following information:
  • Convention Chair Welcome - Brian Holtz message to RGM&HS member regarding convention plans.
  • Presentations - Details on planned presentation and speakers for the one-day convention in Salt Lake City.
  • Layout Tours - Details for two layout Tours on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.
  • Informal Convention Dinner - Society will host a self paid dinner for attendees at Rio Grande Cafe in the historic Rio Grande Union Station downtown.
  • Registration - Registration to the RGM&HS convention is being handled by the NMRA.  Register is now closed.  You still have an opportunity to come to the convention.  Walk-up for day passes will be available at the NMRA registration desk.
  • Cancellation Policy - Cancellation to the convention is alo handled by the NMRA folks.  Please visit their site for details.
As more details are worked out we'll post updates on the convention page, The Prospector, Green Light and on Social Media.  If you have any questions regarding the convention please contact Brian Holtz via e-mail:  conventionchair@rgmhs.org