New Website Update - Launching January 2022
Wednesday - January 5, 2022 12:57 pm     Article Hits:24     A+ | a-
In January we will be launching our new website of which we gave attendees of the virtual convention a sneak-peek into back in November. The new website will sport all sorts of added features and additions. The good news: It should be 100 times more reliable and faster than the current site. The bad news: visitors to our websites will experience periodic downtime up to a week while we make necessary changes and conduct testing to make sure things are working all the during one week in January 2022. So if you visit the site and its offline it should only be brief so circle back in a couple of hours.

Our Company Store will also be getting a complete facelift. You will see expanded details on items we carry in the store along with plans to expand the store to carry additional products beyond our publications. The store will support over time more than just PayPal as a payment method and visitors to the store will be able to view the status of their orders and accessing future products we plan on offering digitally from the website.

The Resources page also getting a complete facelift and we are making updates to several pages including the roster pages. We’ve added a volunteer page where members can reach out to the Society and offer their time or expertise. We also added a manufacturers' help page where model manufacturers can contact us regarding research assistance from the society in producing an accurate D&RGW models.

The Conventions page on the website will be improving and expanding not only to provide more details about upcoming conventions, but will also handle registration for those events and access to the convention content afterwards.

Beyond the ascetic improvements and additional functionality of our new website, the biggest improvement with this move for us is the "back end" of the website, i.e. our membership and accounting software. Our membership office currently has to do a lot of manual entry (such as every single membership request) with the membership database and there are a lot of opportunities for errors with a manual process like that, we think we’ll be able to finally solve this with the changes and automation. It's been a long time coming, but we're finally upgrading our manual membership system the society has been using since the early 2000’s.

You will see over the coming months additional features being enabled on the new website. In the spring of 2022, we will allow our members access members-only content through our Members’ Portal. You will find it a convenient place to manage your membership profile information managing your renewal and accessing premium content directly from the portal. I hope you will be as excited as I have been preparing this new experience for the Society.

If you have any feedback or comments about the new website when it comes online that you want to share please e-mail me at: