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Our History

The Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society (RGM&HS) founded in 2001 is an Colorado non-profit corporation whose membership consists of diverse group of historians, collectors, railfans, photographers, modelers and railroad employees who have banded together to share one common interest, the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad and its predecessors. The fellowship created by this common interest and the opportunity for networking with members and others are the society's greatest assets. Activities to promote this fellowship are geared to serve the wide variety of interests of its members on almost every facet of the D&RGW as it served as the "Action Road"

The mission of the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society is to preserve and disseminate historical information about the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad for the benefit of our members and to others by locating, gathering, preserving, interpreting tangible items relating to the D&RGW and distributing information, documents, publications thus promoting fellowship and education among persons with interests in the railroad.

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The RGM&HS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, you can make a tax-deductible donation to the Society which would be used for providing additional funding to operate the Society and seed money used to fund various RGM&HS preservation projects. Click the button below download and our donation form or Make a tax-deductible donation on-line via PayPal by clicking the button.


The RGM&HS depends heavily upon its members to provide support for the group through their willingness to contribute in any way possible. There are volunteer opportunities available with the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society in order for us to continue to accomplish our goals of preserving the rich history of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad. The RGM&HS has a number of publications, archiving, promotional initiatives, along with other projects including our annual conventions that require some level of staffing effort. If you are willing to help us in some capacity, please click on the volunteer button below

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Social Media

RGM&HS Facebook group was started by the society and is open to anyone for all topics D&RGW, including current operations over former Rio Grande territory.  This Facebook group currently has over 1,600 members and is quite actively on a daily basis


The society also supports conversation on two groups on Groups.io (formerly hosted on Yahoo groups) The two groups of note around the Rio Grande to be aware of:

    • DRGW Group - This is the group (list) that has the [DRGW] as its prefix and was started by the society and is OPEN to anyone for all topics D&RGW, including current operations over former Rio Grande territory.  With over 1,400 subscribers this list is the "Unofficial Group" of the society jointly moderated by the RGMHS webmaster and two non-members of the society.

    • RGMHS Group - Is group (list) is used for Society announcements, questions, comments, etc.  As the Society's "Official Group" its intended for RGM&HS paid members only. As a current RGM&HS member will be invited to subscribe to the group. This is the group that has the [RGMHS] as its prefix.



RGM&HS Policy on Supporting Preservation Activities

The Society is frequently approached by preservation organizations looking for the Society’s support on a project.  While most are seeking historical information, some are also looking for financial and volunteer support. The RGM&HS Board discussed these types of requests in our May 2021 BOT meeting and the best ways to support them.  As a result of the conversation a policy was purposed by Mike Carlson and passed by the board detailing how the Society will deal with organizations requesting our help with restoration projects specifically related to the preservation of the D&RGW equipment etc.  The rationale of the policy is to provide fair and equitable attention to all those organization’s project fund-raising activities, in a manner that is sustainable for the RGM&HS with its limited resources.

We see our participation and contribution to these various projects by first providing awareness and sharing information of the projects to our members so they may donate to the restoration project they might desire to support. The RGM&HS will provide at no charge advertising space in either the Green Light, Prospector and or RGMHS website, to those historical preservation societies and or organizations, for the purpose to socializing the restoration of prototypical D&RGW railroad equipment, structures, signs, etc..  The size and frequency of these ads to be determined at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, on a case by case basis.

If you have any questions or comment please feel free to e-mail greenlight@rgmhs.org.


RGM&HS Officers

President Jeff P.  President@rgmhs.org
Vice President Wes A. VicePresident@rgmhs.org
Secretary Tim O. Secretary@rgmhs.org
Treasurer Frank K.  Treasurer@rgmhs.org

RGM&HS Board of Trustees

Wes A., Trustee #11, term thru 2026
Milt B., Trustee #5, term thru 2026
Michael C., Trustee #1, term thru 2025
Chuck G., Trustee #6, term thru 2024
Frank K., Trustee #3, term thru 2024
Tim O., Trustee #4, term thru 2025
Robin B., Trustee #9, term thru 2024
Jeff P., Trustee #2, term thru 2024
Brent R., Trustee #10, term thru 2026
Chris S., Trustee #12, term thru 2026
Nathan Z., Trustee # 7, term thru 2025

RGM&HS Support Staff

Membership & Subscription Services Tim O. Membership@rgmhs.org
Prospector Editor Tom H. Editor@rgmhs.org
Green Light Editor Brent R. Greenlight@rgmhs.org
Convention Chair Robin B. Conventionchair@rgmhs.org
Company Store - Events/Society Booths Jeff P. (Booth, Utah Area) Shows@rgmhs.org
Daniel S. (Booth, Colorado Area)
Promotions - Dealership Relations Wes A. Promotions@rgmhs.org
Volunteer Chair
Open Volunteer@rgmhs.org
Open Archivist@rgmhs.org
Webmaster & Society Data Privacy Brent R. RGMHSwebmaster@rgmhs.org or Privacy@rgmhs.org
RGM&HS Facebook Page Admins Nathan Z., Frank K., Brent R. contact admins from the page itself
RGMHS Group Moderators on Groups.io Dick E., Frank K., Brent R. RGMHS+owner@groups.io
DRGW Group Moderators on Groups.io Nathan H., Paul B., Brent R. DRGW+owner@groups.io
All Rights Reserved, Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society

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