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The central purpose of a historical society is to make resources available to the public. The Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society brings resources to the public in a wide variety of ways, including through its publications, books and other products.  The Society is pleased to make a small part of its collection available online to assist ans and modelers of the Rio Grande. The offerings are subject to periodic change, so feel free to check back to see if new information is available!

These materials are rotated periodically to bring more of the collection to the public, so plan to check back at least quarterly to see what new information has been added!  Better yet, join the Society and have access to an extensive collection of materials always available in the Members Area, including more photos, drawings, timetables, track charts, company documents, company forms (both prototype and model), promotional materials, and curated material produced by Society members.

Manufactures Seeking Assistance

Manufacturers looking for Society assistance with research material etc. for producing a prototype Rio Grande model can the contact society by visiting our Model Manufacturer Help Desk

Steam Locomotives

Steam Locomotive Roster
Steam Locomotive Classifications

Diesel Roster

Switchers FT F3 F7 F9
GP7 GP9 SD7 SD9 RS-3
PA/PB Krauss-Maffei GP30 GP35 GP40
GP40-2 GP60 SD45 SD40-T2 SD50

The majority of the information presented on the Diesel pages is drawn from the Colorado Railroad Museum's "Locomotives of the Rio Grande" ( reference #16). In cases where different, conflicting, or supplemental information is presented, the specific reference for that information is indicated by a number inside square brackets, e.g., [73]. Also, note the use of [LIST] to denote information gleaned for the Denver & Rio Grande Western (DRGW) Internet mailing list. The DRGW list is an extremely valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of the Denver & Rio Grande Western and its predecessors.


 D&RG/D&RGW Caboose Roster Complete listing of the standard gauge cabooses from 1885-1993


A Catalog of Captive Cabooses listing of all surviving captive (preserved) D&RGW cabooses that are either still in use (i.e. on the narrow gauge lines), on display at varied museums, stored with and without public access, or privately owned.

Recent Caboose Updates

01483 finds a new home This article originally appeared in the June 2023 Green Light Society newsletter. We are excited that Patrick shared the latest chapter in the story of caboose 01483. We are looking forward to his updates on the his restoration efforts on the caboose.


Standard Gauge Freight Roster

Narrow Gauge Freight Roster

Box Cars
Covered Hoppers
Flat Cars
Reefers & Insulated Box Cars
Stock Cars
Tank Cars
M.o.W. Cars

Rio Grande Facilities & Trackage Resources

The RGM&HS carries a large collection of DRGW Engineering maps of many of the Rio Grande's facilities.  Drawn mostly from the collections of RGM&HS members, we have available 62 reproduction maps representing 34 individual locations.  Most are large scale, 1 inch=100 feet originally issued by the D&RGW’s Office of the Chief Engineer. They cover the location’s station grounds which approximately encompass the yard limits. Details include tracks, structures, storage and service facilities, steam, water, and oil pipes, etc., present at the time the original map was prepared.

The maps will be printed at full or one-half size on architectural grade paper with a wide-bed laser printer. Physical sizes range from 2ft. x 1 ft. to 16 ft. x 3 ft.  See the list of available maps for purchase  in the company store.

History & Reference Resources

Links to Railroad Information Website to other Railroad information
References (Alpha & Numeric order)
Nothing Called - The last days of Tennessee Pass by Walter Weart
1955 D&RGW System Map
Rio Grande Heralds & Logos
Rio Grande Advertising, 1948 - 1964
AAR Codes
Diesel & Passenger Paint Schemes
"Rio Grande" Videos and Movies

Articles from the D&RGW Green Light - Volume 20, Number 3, Summer 1959

Rio Grande Service Bulletins - from original copies of the Rio Grande Service Bulletins in the Walker S. Edwards Collection. The photographs were scanned from the original bulletins by Herb Edwards

  • Volume 1 Number 1, January, 1927
  • Volume 1 Number 2, April, 1927
  • Volume 1 Number 3, October, 1927


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