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Connection with former D&RGW Employees

We are interested in hearing from former employees. The RGM&HS is looking for employees from all aspects of the Denver & Rio Grande Western to share a brief description of their job with the Rio Grande and how it advanced the Rio Grande's interests.  The goal is to broaden understanding of the many hands that were required to make the railroad a success.

Please fill out the 3 part form on this page and hit the Submit button to share your story with us.

If you are more comfortable share with us your story by mail our mailing address is:

RGM&HS - DRGW Employee Connection
P.O. Box 16474
St Louis, MO 63125-9998
    Personal Information
  • Your Job
  • Select the railroad you worked for during your career
  • When were you hired on by the railroad
  • Sharing your experiences
  • Can you share any memorable or exciting moments from your time on the railroad? Perhaps an extraordinary journey, challenging weather conditions
  • What were the working conditions like? How did you cope with long hours, varying schedules, and physically demanding tasks?
  • What types of locomotives, rolling stock, and equipment did you operate or maintain?
  • How did the railroad connect with local communities? Were there special events, celebrations, or traditions?
  • Share any personal anecdotes, humorous incidents, or heartwarming interactions you had with passengers, colleagues, or supervisors.
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