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October 27, 1870 is etched in the history of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. On that day, General William Jackson Palmer and his associates filed articles of incorporation for the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. Over the next century, this railroad would weave its tracks through rugged mountain passes, defying nature’s obstacles. It’s a tale of men and machines—of laborers driving spikes into rock and steam locomotives conquering elevation and gravity. Beyond the tracks, decisions unfolded in boardrooms, where visionaries plotted expansion and prosperity. The railroad attracted dreamers and schemers alike. And it carved its path “through the Rockies, not around them.”

Today, the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society ensures that this legacy lives on. Through The Prospector magazine, conventions, model support, and digital archives, we honor the pioneers, engineers, and conductors who etched their names into the rugged landscape—a testament to human ingenuity and the indomitable spirit of the rails.

Call for Former D&RGW Employees

We are interested in hearing from former employees. The RGM&HS is looking for employees from all aspects of the Denver & Rio Grande Western to share a brief description of their job with the Rio Grande and how it advanced the Rio Grande's interests.  The goal is to broaden understanding of the many hands that were required to make the railroad a success.



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Get Involved

There are volunteer opportunities available with the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society in order for us to continue to accomplish our goals of preserving the rich history of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad.

The Society depends heavily upon its members to provide support for the group through their willingness to contribute in any way possible.  If you are willing to help us in some capacity, please click the button below.


Our Convention

2024 Joint Convention with MoPac Society in Pueblo, Colorado

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