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Rio Grande Product News – December 2021

Featured in the December 2021 Green Light

We try to capture the significant D&RGW models for Rio Grande modelers in the our Rio Grande Model News section of The Green Light Newsletter.  Here are the new product announcements that were in the December 2021 edition sent to members.

If we missed a product announcement, or you have a review you want to share, please let us know by commenting below or e-mailing us at:  GreenLight@rgmhs.org

Rapido Rio Grande HO Budd Mid-Train “Skyline” Dome Car: Ski Train “California”

Rapido announced that Spring Creek Model Trains is releasing an exclusive mid-train dome decorated in DRGW colors, named California. This car was one of the private cars that was tacked onto the end of the Ski Train consist.  The HO scale ready-to-run model features fully decorated and assembled with factory-installed grab irons, realistic stainless steel finish, full underbody detail with air, steam and electrical lines, fully detailed and decorated interiors, window blinds at different heights for each car, operating diaphragms with etched-metal end gates, magnetic metal knuckle couplers at the correct height, free-rolling trucks with metal wheelsets and integral power pickups, track-powered interior lighting including dome lights, and operate on a 22” minimum radius (can be modified for 18” minimum).

The DRGW version of the California will be offered in the early scheme (with D&RGW logo) and the late Scheme (with Ski Train logo).  Both cars offered by Spring Creek
MSRP $114.    Enhance your train by adding this car, today!

Head over to Spring Creek's website at:  https://www.springcreekmodeltrains.com  to order one now!  We learned this week that Spring Creek has received the car and will be shipping soon.


WalthersMainline Rio Grande HO EMD F7 Locomotive

Walther announced a new run of EMD's legendary F7 is back in a new run of HO models from WalthersMainline! Working freight and passenger service from the late 1940s to late 1980s, F7s were signature power for railroads all across North America DRGW will be offered in this series, each available in A-B sets and individual A units, many of which match the new 85' Budd passenger cars also announced.

Nicely detailed models equipped with a rugged WalthersProto drive and a die cast metal frame to deliver plenty of pulling power. They're also available with ESU Sound for DCC or DC layouts, or Standard DC versions. The model will be offered in D&RGW road numbers 5781, 5782 (A-B pair), 5711 (A single), 5723 , 5712 (A-B pair) 5733 (A single).  MSRP for DC A-B pair is 299.98 and DC single unit MSRP is $149.98.  MSRP for DCC A-B pair is $419.98 and DC single unit MSRP is $209.98.   The model is expect to arrive in June 2022.

For more information see your local hobby dealer or visit Walthers.com


WalthersMainline Rio Grande HO 85′ Budd Passenger Cars

Walthers announced brand new WalthersMainline Budd Passenger Cars slated for a February 2022 release. Typical of equipment used on trains big and small from the late 40s to early 2000’s the D&RGW models releases include large-window Coach, Budd Baggage-Lounge, 10-6 Sleeper, Diner, small-window Coach, Baggage-RPO, Dome Coach, Observation.  The ready-to-run models easily operated on 18" radius curves,  with great detail inside and out, along with 36" turned metal RP-25 wheelsets and Proto MAX™ metal knuckle couplers. MSRP for each car is $44.98, they're due to arrive in February of 2022 so make your reservations today!

For more information see your local hobby dealer or visit Walthers.com


Athearn Rio Grande HO GENESIS SD70 Series Locomotive

If Rio Grande industries had chosen to retain its identity after its 1988 purchase of the SP, SD70s with the Flying Grande herald could very well have  been spotted moving priority goods between Denver and Salt Lake City.

Athearn announced a new run of Genesis SD70 series locomotives in fantasy schemes including a D&RGW SD70 in two road numbers 5607 and 5615 and slated for a January 2023 release.  The read-to-run model features factory installed wire grab irons and lift rings, dual sanding lines, windshield wipers, anti-glare panel painted on the nose, standard or freight-style brake wheel , see-through radiator fans, detailed and painted cab interior with control stand, display screens, detailed crew seats, fine-scale Celcon handrails for scale appearance, underframe mounted bell - regular or electronic, low mount stepwell lights (non-operating), Genesis driveline with 5-pole skew wound motor, all-wheel electrical pickup provides reliable current flow, wheels with RP25 contours operate on all popular brands of track, McHenry lower-shelf scale knuckle spring couplers,  minimum
radius: 18”.  MSRP is $234.99 without sound and $334.99 with sound.

For more information see your local hobby dealer or visit Athearn.com.


Roundhouse Rio Grande HO GP40-2 Locomotive

Athearn announced a new run of Roundhouse GP40-2 model in D&RGW slated for a January 2023 release.  D&RGW road numbers in this run will be  3099, 3107, and 3112.

The ready-to-run model features see-through cab windows, factory installed Celcon handrails, 5-pole motor with precision-machined flywheels and multi-link drive train for trouble free operation, DCC ready 21-pin plugs, illuminated front and rear headlights, nickel plated, blackened machined wheels RP25 contours operate on all popular brand of track with a minimum radius: 18”  MSRP is $114.98 for each model.

For more information see your local hobby dealer or visit Athearn.com.


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