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Rio Grande Product News – December 2022

Featured in the December 2022 Green Light

We try to capture the significant D&RGW models for Rio Grande modelers in the our Rio Grande Model News section of The Green Light Newsletter.  Here are the new product announcements that were in the December 2022 edition sent to members.

If we missed a product announcement, or you have a review you want to share, please let us know by commenting below or e-mailing us at:  GreenLight@rgmhs.org

The Rio Grande’s Narrow Gauge K-28 Locomotives by Jerry Day

White River Publications announced they are taking pre-orders for the latest book by Jerry Day. The Rio Grande’s Narrow Gauge K-28 Locomotives chronicle the ten Alco locomotives for Denver & Rio Grande Western in 1923, three of these remarkable machines still call Durango home, powering the iconic “Silverton” trains since the 1950s. Here is the story of the first modern narrow gauge locomotive on the Rio Grande and how it is posed to enter its second century of service.

Author Jerry Day spent 45 years compiling information and more than 300 photos, maps, track folios,

drawings, and diagrams, including a three-page foldout drawing created by Mike McKenzie for this 200+ page volume. In addition, you will find the history of D&RGW’s purchase of the K-28s, the operational history on the lines they ran, and the history of K-28 snow fighting operations, special passenger runs, wrecks & mishaps, movie appearances, locomotive modifications, and changes, and how the K-28s operate today on the Durango & Silverton railroad. Includes an appendix with the complete D&RGW/Alco specs for the locomotives.

So don’t miss out on getting your pre-order in the sale price good through January 31, 2023. Regular price is $79.95 plus shipping. Order yours now at: http://aka.rgmhs.org/k28






Atlas O Scale 4-Bay D&RGW Coal Hopper

Atlas announced in November 2022 a run of its ) scale Premium 4-bay coal hoppers.  The run  features two D&RGW hoppers with road numbers 12021 & 16331 slated for the second quarter of the 2023 release with an MSRP of $84.95.  The ready-to-run model features an intricately detailed ABS body with separately applied brake wheel and metal handrails, die-cast 4-wheel trucks with metal wheels and Axles suitable to operate on O-31 curves, and included the detailed coal load.

The prototype 100-ton car was the last hurrah of the bottom unloading coal hopper built largely in the 1960s and ‘70s, just before the destinations for these cars (mainly utility power plants and side shipping facilities) began switching to rotary unloading. Many of these cars survive in service today.

For more information see your local hobby dealer or visit https://atlasrr.com





Yarmouth Model Works HO Scale 37' D&RGW Stock Cars

Western stock cars. Variations include a double-deck car built in 1939 with wood running boards and a Duryea underframe. The prototypes were numbered 36000-36099.

A group of single-deck stock cars numbered 39100-39199 was completed in 1940. They had Duryea underframes and wood running boards. Double-deck cars with wood running boards and an AAR underframe went into service in 1942. They were numbered 36100-36199.  The final  version of D&RGW's 37' stock car was numbered 39200-39399. They were built in 1945 with Duryea underframes and Apex Trilox metal running boards.

The kits main body parts of the craftsman-style kit are composed of pressure-cast urethane. Details are a combination of laser-cut, photo-etched, 3D-printed parts. The kit includes custom decals by Black Cat Publishing and Tahoe Model Works truck frames with an MSRP of $65.00.

For more information see your local hobby dealer or visit www.yarmouthmodelworks.com




Moloco HO Scale DRGW ACF 50' Exterior Post Waffle Boxcar

Moloco announced they were taking pre-orders for their HO scale ACF 50' exterior post Waffle Boxcar with a delivery window sometime in late 2023 and the general price will be in line with current RTR prices.

The model kit features specific cushioned detail to D&RGW prototype and comes in six road numbers (65301, 65309, 65324, 65333, 65341 & 63549) ACF draft gear designed tailored to prototype, durable rubber air hoses and metal corner stirrups, metal wheels and axles, to matched prototype, and, Kadee ”scale” whisker couplers.

On the D&RGW they were assigned for Lead and Copper bullion service out of the branch lines in Utah, with a return to their home yard of Salt Lake City. Copper and lead were precious metals so boxcar loading is a given. But all of these high-valued loads would be heading east or west to the manufacturing centers through North America. Copper for copper tube and pipe manufacture is commonly found in house plumbing or coils in appliances. The copper and lead use in daily life is endless.

For more information see your local hobby dealer or visit https://www.molocotrains.com/



Athearn Roundhouse HO Scale 3– Pack 40ft D&RGW 4-Bay Offset Hopper

Athearn announced a new run of its Roundhouse HO Scale 40ft D&RGW 4-Bay Offset  Hopper 3-pack slated for January 2024 with an MSRP of $101.99 for the 3-PACK and will include road numbers 17527, 17545, 17571.

The ready-to-run models feature separately applied brake wheel, 33” machined metal wheels with RP25 contours,  Bettendorf trucks, body-mounted McHenry® operating scale knuckle couplers, weighted for optimum performance, highly-detailed, injection-molded body and painted and printed for realistic decoration.

For more information see your local hobby dealer or visit Athearn.com.




Atlas HO Scale D&RGW International Extended–Vision Caboose

Atlas a new run of HO Scale D&RGW International Extended–Vision Caboose in D&RGW slated for 2023 release.  Based on prototypes with off-centered extended-vision caboose extended that was built by International Car constructed fifteen for the Rio Grande in September and October of 1966. The as-delivered caboose was in classic Grande Gold and silver. These modern cars were equipped with Waugh cushioned underframes. Dayco axle-driven generators. flush hopper toilets, and oil stoves.

The ready-to-run model features accurate painting and lettering to match the D&RGW later orange prototype paint scheme, with thin end rails, window glazing, open smoke stack, roof walk, separately applied brake cylinder, triple valve and air reservoir, roller-bearing caboose trucks, AccuMate® couplers.  The model comes in road numbers 01506 & 01510 with an MSRP of $46.95.

For more information see your local hobby dealer or visit https://atlasrr.com





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