Yampa Lease (YAM02)


Location: Yampa, Colorado
Original Map Date: 1913
Map Revision Date: July 1, 1976
Map Size: Medium
Scale: 1″= 100′
Dimensions: 56″x 24″

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Yampa Engineering Map (YAM02)

In 1880, when the Ute were removed from their spiritual and ancestral home to reservation land, a wave of settlers appeared. In 1861, while surveying for a possible railroad route, engineer and statesman, Captain Edward L. Berthoud named the region Egeria Park. The valley’s many waterways must have inspired the name, which refers to the Roman water nymph Egeria, deity of clear water and springs. The Flat Tops Mountains encompass over 110 lakes and ponds. Countless miles of streams provide habitat for diverse populations of big game and other wildlife. By 1881, the first white families had settled in Egeria Park.

The Egeria Park region encompasses the towns of Yampa and Toponas to the south.  In 1883 men from the mining camp of Breckenridge, to the southeast, rode into Egeria Park looking for land to settle. When choosing a homestead the men agreed to play cards to see who should choose first – and so it went until each man had a homestead. The founding of the towns of Yampa and Toponas soon followed. The area remained isolated until Denver & Salt Lake (D&SL) railroad arrived in 1908 and opened agricultural, ranching and timber markets.

In a short time the settler’s homesteads became prosperous cattle ranches and served as the major economic force for the town of Yampa. Ranching is a continuing way of life – several large cattle ranches remain and hay from the region remains in demand due to its superior quality. A thriving lumber industry also existed due to the stands of pine, spruce and fir in the area. In 1906 the area boasted 12 sawmills, which served this growing district.

The YAM02 itself was drawn in 1913 by the D&SL and revised later by its successor the D&RGW in 1976, this map shows the leased land located in the town and is similar to the YAM01 map.

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The map will be printed on architectural grade paper with a wide-bed laser jet printer. The physical size of this map is 56″ x 24″.  Keep in mind the details on the map will be proportionally smaller and may be more difficult to read.

All map orders are printed on-demand once your order has been received by the Society and processed by our large format printing partner. For that reason please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.


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