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The Prospector 23, Number 2 Has Been Mailed

Arriving soon in a mailbox near you! The Prospector Volume 23, Number 2 started being mailed out this week from our printer.

Passenger trains are an important part of the Rio Grande history, and this issue of The Prospector is full of passenger train material. Thornton Waite has submitted a wealth of material specifically regarding transcontinental passenger service and through sleeper cars that operated on the Rio Grande, as well as proposals for other transcontinental passenger services involving the Rio Grande which did not materialize. This material has been organized into two full-length articles for your reading enjoyment.

In the final article, we have a railroader’s perspective as shared by John Crawford and submitted by Jeff Simley. This article tells the story of what railroading was like on the Rio Grande, and how it was different from the romantic view often taken toward working on the railroad.

I hope you all enjoy this issue of Volume 23,  Thomas Hogan, Editor.

Both Foreign and Domestic members should start seeing your issue delivered in the next week or so to your mailbox.  If you are not an RGM&HS member, (although we highly recommend joining) this issue is available to purchase from the RGM&HS Company Store.


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