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2021 RGM&HS Virtual Convention

In lieu of an in-person convention, in 2021 we held an on-line Virtual Convention in November 2021.  The 3 hour virtual event had a great series of informative clinics with spectacular photography

The convention was held online using the Microsoft Teams platform that the society utilizes for all of its various board meetings. We are excited that the convention included clinics on a variety of topics including:

  • Welcome Message from Jeff Pierce, RGM&HS President.  Jeff delivered a welcome message to the virtual event.  He laid out the sessions for the event and also made announcements about our conventions including that our plan for  2022 would also be virtual event slated for spring/ summer of 2022 and that we are planning a return to an in-person convention in 2023.
  • Multimedia photo presentation on the Ski Train by R.C. Farewell. This was a session was intended to be part of the 2020 convention that was cancelled because of COVID.  In the 45-minute video presentation contains almost 100 slides with sound covers not only the Rio Grande Ski Trains, but because in 1992-1994, the BN dispatched their own "Ski Trains" to the Moffat part of the world. During those three excursions the trains were powered by their own executives.
  • An interview with Jerry Day about his new book on the T-12 Locomotives. A 15-minute interview with Jerry Day about his latest book on the T-12 locomotives and his approach to research and writing books.  We'll also talk about his upcoming book on the K-28 locomotives.
  • The Prospector: Upcoming Articles Preview. Editor Dave Lotz previews some of the stories planned for the Volume 21 (2021) of the Prospector.
  • RGM&HS Website Preview. Webmaster Brent Rush gave attendees of the virtual conversation a sneak peek into the new RGM&HS website slated to roll out around January 2022.  The completely new site will have an improved company store and other new features.
  • The DRGW slide collection of J. David Ingles by Michael Carlson. A 15-minute presentation by Mike Carlson previewing the DRGW slide collection of J. David Ingles recently donated to the Society.
  • Ask the Presenters Q&A session, & closeout of convention.  We will have the presenters online live at the end of all the sessions to answer questions.  We'll also make announcements about our next conventions that are in the early stages of planning for a virtual event in 2022 & a in-person convention returning in 2023.

Note: The recording of this convention will be available at a later time on the website for members to view in the upcoming members-only portal (updated March 2022)

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