Steamboat Springs (SSP01)


Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Original Map Date: 1913
Map Revision Date: 1976
Map Size: Medium
Scale: 1″= 100′
Dimensions: 57″x 24″

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Steamboat Springs Engineering Map (SSP01)

In 1874, James Crawford ventured into the Yampa Valley seeking a homestead site. Impressed by the region’s mineral waters, he built a cabin near present day Iron Spring and a log shelter over the nearby hot springs. Crawford spent a few of his winters in Boulder, Colorado where he persuaded several prominent businessmen to join him in organizing the Steamboat Springs Townsite Company in 1884. By 1885, five other families had settled in the area including a newspaperman, James Hoyle, who brought his printing press and publication of the Steamboat Pilot began that same year. The area began to develop slowly, but increased slightly when a sawmill was established in 1883.In 1900, the town was incorporated with James Crawford as the first mayor. By 1902, the town had 3 hotels, 3 livery stables, 3 banks, 4 general stores, 2 meat markets, and other businesses including the Steamboat Springs Service Company. This company was the community’s first electric utility company.

In 1909, the Denver & Salt Lake (D&SL) railroad arrived, which sparked a boom for the commercial industry in Steamboat Springs. Ranching was the primary industry of the valley and the cattle ranchers turned the new railroad depot into one of the largest cattle shipping centers of the West. Consequently, the construction of the railroad silenced the Steamboat Spring’s chugging noise forever. Numerous passengers began arriving on the railroad to visit the scenic area and the natural mineral springs. In the early 1910s, Norwegian Carl Howelsen arrived and brought ski jumping to the area and established skiing as a sport. Tourists now also began to visit the area for skiing and a few avid skiers began to look for broader areas of terrain.

The SSP01 map itself was drawn in 1913 by the D&SL and revised later by its successor the D&RGW in 1976, it shows the depot, a industrial spurs located in the town.

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The map will be printed on architectural grade paper with a wide-bed laser jet printer. The physical size of this map is 57″ x 24″.  Keep in mind the details on the map will be proportionally smaller and may be more difficult to read.

All map orders are printed on-demand once your order has been received by the Society and processed by our large format printing partner. For that reason please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.


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