Volume 21, Number 2


Volume 21 Number 2 – Dave Lotz, Editor
Published Q2-2022, 32 Pages

  • D&RGW 4-6-6-4s; L-105 Class 3700 Series Steam Locomotive by Allen Copeland
  • Part 1 – Have You Ever Ridden a Motor Car? by Mike McLaughlin
  • Modeling the Minturn Roundhouse by Jeff Simley

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Volume 21, Number 2 contains Part 1 of Allen Copeland’s coverage of the Rio Grande’s massive 4-6-6-4 steam locomotives in the L-105 class 3700 number series.  We will follow up in the next issue of the Prospector with Allen’s Part 2, which provides recently discovered information on the six L-97 class 4-6-6-4s delivered to the Rio Grande in May and June 1943.

Dale DeWitt has researched the available scale models available for both classes of the 4-6-6-4s and were covered in the May 2022 Green Light with photographs.

We feature another of Mike McLaughlin’s stories is in this issue.  He describes (in colorful language that has been omitted) working with the small Fairmont and similar motor cars.

Bringing up the markers in this issue is a “how-to” article on modeling the Minturn roundhouse written and illustrated by Jeff Simley.

Hope you enjoy this issue.

Keep ‘em on the rails!

Dave Lotz, Prospector Editor



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