Volume 21, Number 3


Volume 21 Number 3 – Dave Lotz, Editor
Published Q3-2022, 32 Pages

  • New Member highlighting folks who have joined the Society in the last quarter.
  • From the Vista Dome by Dave Lotz
  • Motive Power on the Ski Train Part 4 by Daniel Quiat & John Tudek
  • D&RGW 4-6-6-4s Part 2 by Allen Copeland

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Volume 21, Number 3 of the Prospector, our professionally produced and beautifully illustrated quarterly magazine featuring the finest work of historians and other experts on all aspects of Rio Grande Railroad was published in quarter 3 of 2022. The 32 page issue wraps up the final parts of two multi-part articles, “The Evolution of the Ski Train” and the “D&RGW 4-6-6-4s.”

In part 4 of “The Evolution of the Ski Train” by Daniel Quiat & John Tudek conclude their series of articles by covering the motive power on the Ski Train. As expected, over the years there was a great deal of variety of motive power on the Ski Train over the years. Both have been enjoyable to work on and well as educational. It is a blessing to have folks willing to be authors! In Allen Copeland’s part 2 of his coverage of the D&RGW’s massive 4-6-6-4 steam locomotives he shares additional information that has come to light to update the story of these interesting articulated locomotives.

I also discuss an enjoyable and educational part of being in the DRGW group on Groups.io (https://groups.io/g/DRGW).  Recently there was an excellent discussion regarding what Chuck Conway refers to as “Bootleggers Tunnel.” That is his image to the right from an April 27, 2001, trip chasing Potash Local, shown here after exiting the tunnel’s south portal.

The discussion was started with photo and a question as to what the “official” name of the tunnel was. A sign that was determined to be placed there by the UP called it “Moab Tunnel,” appropriate for its proximity to Moab. However, research by a member  found, “The 2002 [UP] track charts on the individual page for the tunnel, simply lists it as Moab Tunnel but on a overview map of the East Utah Desert, the tunnel is called Bootlegger Tunnel. So, I guess in 2002 even UP didn’t know what to call it.” Keep ’em on the rails!


Keep ‘em on the rails! – Dave Lotz, Prospector Editor


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