Volume 23, Number 2


Volume 23 Number 2 – Thomas Hogan, Editor
Published Q2-2024, 32 Pages

  • New Members highlighting folks who have joined the Society in the last quarter.
  • The Station Agent by Editor, Thomas Hogan
  • Proposals For and History of Coast to Coast Passenger Service by Thornton Waite
  • Coast-To-Coast Service Via the Exposition Flyer and California Zephyr by Thornton Waite
  • Working For the Rio Grande by Jeff Simley

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Volume 23, Number 2 of the Prospector, our professionally produced and beautifully illustrated quarterly magazine featuring the finest work of historians and other experts on all aspects of Rio Grande Railroad was published in Quarter 2 of 2024 calendar year.

Passenger trains are an important part of the Rio Grande history, and this issue of The Prospector is full of passenger train material. Thornton Waite has submitted a wealth of material specifically regarding transcontinental passenger service and through sleeper cars that operated on the Rio Grande, as well as proposals for other transcontinental passenger services involving the Rio Grande which did not materialize. This material has been organized into two full-length articles for your reading enjoyment.

In the final article, we have a railroader’s perspective as shared by John Crawford and submitted by Jeff Simley. This article tells the story of what railroading was like on the Rio Grande, and how it was different from the romantic view often taken toward working on the railroad.

As always, please consider sending your ideas and photos for future content in The Prospector. I hope you all enjoy this issue of Volume 23.

Thomas Hogan, Editor.


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