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Rio Grande Product News – August 2021

Featured in the August 2021 Green Light

We try to capture the significant D&RGW models for Rio Grande modelers in the our Rio Grande Model News section of The Green Light Newsletter.  Here are the new product announcements that were in the August 2021 edition sent to members.

If we missed a product announcement, or you have a review you want to share, please let us know by commenting below or e-mailing us at:  GreenLight@rgmhs.org

Cannon & Company Rio Grande HO Scale 15-Panel Thrall Gondola

Cannon & Company unveiled at the St. Louis Railroad Prototype Modelers meet a new craftsman kit that will build a model of a 15-panel D&RGW Thrall gondola in HO scale. With an interior length of 52 foot 6 inches, a 9’ 0” Exterior Height and a capacity of 2750 c.u. ft. were built by Thrall in May 1969 as road number series 56100-56124 and painted black.  D&RGW made a second order was built in May & June 1971 and were numbers in the 56125-56274 series and painted Action Orange.

The model features grab irons on the left end of the side and ladders on the right end of the side with interior ladders.  This kit contains pre-cut styrene parts for the car sides, rib section, floor, and bolster.  Injection molded ends, an eight-rung ladder, brake housing sprue and a pair Moloco 0414 draft gear are also included.  Please note that you will need to provide trucks, couplers, various sizes of Evergreen styrene and other common detail parts complete the construction and match the prototype gondola.  Cannon has a suggested bill of materials that a modeler must supply to complete the kit in the instructions and on its website.   MSPR for the model $30.00 and you can only get this kit by ordering directly from the Cannon & Company website by following this link: http://aka.rgmhs.org/cannonthrall


Walthers WalthersMainline HO Scale EMD SD-50 Rio Grande Locomotive

Walthers is taking advanced reservations for its latest run of WalthersMainline EMD SD-50 due out October 2021. The limited edition one-time run of these road numbers in D&RGW include two road numbers in DC #5507, #5514 and two with DCC & ESU sound #5504, #5513. The Walthers model is fully assembled and represents the prototypes in service from 1981 to present with large and small lines.  It features an all-new drive five-pole skew-wound motor dual machined brass flywheels and a heavy die-cast frame with 14:1 gear ratio.  Also including are newly tooled power trucks with HT-C side frames machined RP25  metal wheels; Proto Max metal knuckle spring couplers installed.  Additional improvement models include a revised and corrected dynamic brake intake grilles; anti-slip detail on walkways and open grating on steps.  One thing to note is the updated Phase Two shell is with molded drill starter points for grab irons so make sure to also get the EMD SD50-60 Diesel Detail Kit (910-256) sold separately.   MSRP for the DC model is  $149.98 and $209.98 for dual mode DCC model with ESU sound.

For more information see your local hobby dealer or visit Walthers.com


Atlas HO 70–Ton Rio Grande Hart Ballast Car

Atlas announced a new run of ACF 70-Ton Hart Ballast Cars were formally known as “Hart Selective Service Ballast Cars,” due to the use of specially-designed doors which allowed the lading to be discharged one of three ways: to the center of the rails, to the center and sides of the rails, or to the side of the rails only. Pre-order deadline to get this model with your Atlas Dealer on the product listed below is Wednesday, September 8th, 2021.  The ready-to-run model features accurate painting and printing with a die-cast chassis, with fully detailed interior, including cross-bracing and side stiffeners, 70-ton friction-bearing trucks, separately-applied side-dump doors which can be positioned open or closed, grab irons, coupler cut lever, train line hose, and air brake piping detail and is AccuMate® Proto-Coupler ready.  The MSRP for the model is $41.95 and comes in D&RGW road numbers 86522 & 86541.

For more information see your local hobby dealer or visit http://www.atlasrr.com



Atlas Master HO & N Scale Models of Rio Grande EMD GP-40 Locomotive

Atlas announced for pre-order both HO & N scale D&RGW GP-40 in DCC-ready silver series and DCC sound equipped gold series models.  The ready to run locomotive features directional lighting with golden-white LEDs, realistic die-cast underframe, five-pole skewed armature motor with dual flywheels for optimum performance at all speeds, factory-equipped with AccuMate® knuckle couplers, detailed cab interior with crew, separately-installed scale windshield wipers, metal grab irons and fine scale handrails, movable drop steps, walkway safety tread, coupler cut bars, multiple unit hoses and trainline hoses and snowplow.  Both version will have Scale Speed™ motor.  The Atlas Silver models sound ready MSRP is $189.95 and are equipped with a speaker for easy conversion to sound with the addition of a decoder.  The Atlas gold version which MSRP is $299.95 features ESU 6 DCC function LokSound decoder with exclusive "Full Throttle" features for ultimate realism in prototype running and will supports all DCC-programming modes.  Both HO & N scale models comes in D&RGW road numbers 3132, 3136, 3152

For more information or to pre-order visit: http://www.atlasrr.com or your contact your local hobby shop.


Atlas Premier O Scale 3-Rail Rio Grande EMD GP-40 Locomotive

Atlas also announced for pre-order its Atlas Premier O scale 3-rail D&RGW GP-40.  The ready-to-run features an intricately detailed ABS body in prototype DRGW paint scheme, metal handrails, decorative horn, two engineer cab figures, lighted cab interior, directional controlled headlights, illuminated number boards, lighted marker lights, roof fans, metal body side grilles.  The metal chassis has precision flywheel equipped motors, metal wheels, axles and gears, die-cast truck sides, pilots, fuel tank, two remotely controlled proto-couplers, operating smoke unit, locomotive Speed Control, Proto-Sound 3.0 DCS and operates on O-31 curves.  The model comes in D&RGW road numbers 3132, 3136 and MSRP is $569.95

For more information or to pre-order visit: http://www.atlasrr.com or your contact your local hobby shop.


Intermountain HO Scale Rio Grande 1958 Cu. Ft. 2-Bay Covered Hopper – Open Sides

Intermountain announced a new run of HO scale Rio Grande 1958 cu. ft. 2-bay covered hopper with open sides.  The ready-to-run model features highly detailed, injection molded body accurately painted and printed with see through metal roof walk, scale profile brake wheel, detailed under frame, machined wheels and metal mount knuckle couplers.  The model is available in the following road numbers the MSRP is $46.95 and comes in D&RGW road numbers 18403, 18409, 18414, 18416, 18420, & 18423.

For more information see your local hobby dealer or visit  https://intermountain-railway.com


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