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RGM&HS Prospector Editor Announces Retirement

With Prospector, Volume 21, Number 4, I have wrapped up my sixth year as your Prospector editor. On September 2nd, my wife retired from 44 years of nursing. With this event, I am obligated to fulfill a promise I made to her that I would find a buyer for my small business, Q Connection, and reduce my involvement in both the BRHS and the RGM&HS. So, I have given notice to the Board of Trustees that Issue 22-4 will be my last issue as your editor. With a year’s notice, we are hoping that we will find someone soon so that I can mentor them in the production of the 2023’s issues.

I have enjoyed my involvement in the RGM&HS, learned a lot about the Rio Grande and have made new and lasting friendships. What follows is a job description and other requirements for the job which is a paid position.

by Dave Lotz


RGM&HS Editor Job Description and Requirements

The Prospector editor solicits and gathers articles and illustrations to produce a quarterly Prospector magazine. This person takes raw text and illustrations from the authors, massages the text for correct grammar and readability, designs and pastes up the pages of the Prospector, keeping to the budgeted page count. They are responsible for maintaining a proofreading team, soliciting and making their changes/corrections. They are responsible for maintaining a positive relationship with JPA and for communicating when the issue will be ready to transmit. They are responsible for creating the pdf file that is uploaded to JPA’s server, then proofing and approving each page followed by placing the pages in the correct order. They are responsible for maintaining a list of contributors that are to receive complimentary copies of the issue based on their contribution and then communicating that with the person who sends the mailing instructions to JPA. From time to time, they are called to create advertising copy for the Prospector or external publications. With the Society’s push towards print-on-demand, this person will be responsible for knowing the requirements for submitting back issues to Lulu.com and maintaining that relationship. This person must keep track of the pages of raw text edited, the number of Images scanned, the number of images that require bringing them up to publication standards and the number of pages pasted up. Then, once the issue is submitted to JPA, create an invoice that is sent to the RGM&HS treasurer for payment. This position reports to the Board of Trustee member who is over publications.

Computer Equipment:

  • Computer capable of handling large data files, USB compatible, and preferably a CD/DVD drive
  • (I use a Dell Inspiron, CPU @ 3.20GHz, 16.0 GB RAM, 230 GB SSD drive, 1 TB internal hard drive, a 2nd 4TB internal hard drive)
  • Flatbed scanner capable of scanning prints and slides at high resolutions
  • Connected to the internet with Email capability


  • Microsoft Office Suite (Society can furnish software and license)
  • Image editing software – I use Photoshop, Faststone is a free shareware software that could be used
  • Adobe Acrobat full version
  • Publishing software – I use Quark Xpress, but MS Publisher is capable of this as well
  • Scanning software compatible with scanner


  • Basic to excellent knowledge of the software on their computer equipment
  • Solid Grammar ability – or uses Grammarly or similar software product
  • Attention to details
  • Excellent People Skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Basic railroad and/or D&RGW knowledge, but willing to learn
  • Good time management and ability to meet deadlines

If you are interested in this role please send an e-mail to editor@rgmhs.org


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